About Me

"I took the road less travelled
and that has made all the difference."

-Robert Frost

First, the short sound bite

I am a classically trained actor with a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University. After graduating, I moved to London and lived a life outside of theatre, working as a writer and digital marketing professional for 20 years. During those years I acquired a diverse palette of skills and rich life experiences that you can, no doubt, hear in my voice. If you listen closely, this is what you will hear...

The South
I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, not far from where the Waltons were filmed. We chased fireflies, drank sweet tea, and knew all our neighbors.
I was a lucky kid. My parents fired up my imagination and taught me that anything is possible. My mom read stacks of books to us every day. My Dad set up our second home in the theatre (even our furniture was often on stage.) We lived inside fantasty worlds; they were not only more exciting, but more important. I want to pass that gift on to kids today.


I have travelled extensively, across America and also 20 countries in 5 continents. I will always be an American, but I have lived more of my life in Europe, first in London and now on the south coast of Spain. This perhaps makes accents a little easier for me to learn.


The only thing I love more than reading audiobooks is singing with others. I grew up performing in musicals. After moving to London, I had the unforgettable experiences of singing in a choir with Leona Lewis at the Royal Albert Hall, Petula Clark at the Royal Festival Hall and 3-time Olivier award-winning actress Sharon D. Clarke at many venues. I also sang in the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies in 2012. 


I am known for breaking conventions and bringing new ideas to life. The clown in me likes to disrupt the ordinary, to surprise and enchant, to wake up the wonder in people. My partner Sarah and I started a company in London called Moto Yogo, selling organic frozen yogurt from two vintage electric milk delivery trucks we called "Stan" and "Winnie". We were the talk of the town for 4 summers. 


Writing paid the bills for 18 years. As a professional corporate communicator, I wrote to inform, reassure, persuade and sell. With no small amount of grit, I developed skills in design, website development, digital advertising and social media, all of which were handy in the making of this website.


I have taken the scenic route toward making acting my profession, but the life experience was worthwhile and my work is richer for it.