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Steps in Production

Once we have agreed a contract and delivery dates, these are the steps in delivering your audiobook.


I read your book and mark it for characterisation, pacing, tone and emphasis. Before I begin recording, I ask you questions I may have and share visions I have of the characters. I learn what's important to you about the expression of the story.


I always record one book at a time, so I can be completely immersed in your story and live inside of it. I work from my home studio, which is well equipped and always open, even in a global pandemic.


This is where the geek in me comes out. I am my own audio engineer and critical listener, editing out unwanted sounds and marking sections that I would like to improve. I have a proofer on my team who also listens, ensuring I am word perfect. Once I'm proud of the narration, I master it, making sure that the audio is smooth and meets the requirements for publication on Audible and other platforms.


I upload all the chapters for you to hear. You sit back in your favorite chair and marvel at your own work as you listen to your characters spring to life. You can't wait for your fans to hear your story, which has travelled a sacred path from your imagination to mine. You press approve and (after Audible's quality assurance process) your book becomes available on billions of digital devices around the world.


See what authors say about what it's like to work with me.

Shelley Blanton Stroud

"April Doty is my dream narrator. Not only did she perform my novel exactly the way I wanted to hear it, but she was also an extremely careful reader, sussing out motivations in my characters that should color the way she read them. I loved collaborating with April, talking with her on Zoom about the way characters should sound. I hope she’ll narrate all the books in my Copy Boy series."

Jamey Moody

"April Doty not only made my book come to life; she made it magical! She is the utmost professional and brilliant at her craft. I would work with her over and over!"

Liz S. Andrews

“April is a very talented narrator who can bring a variety of different characters and storylines to life. In addition, she is very easy to work with, efficient, and professional. She has recorded two of my books in the past and is about to record a third. I highly recommend her.”


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